How can you get improved, high quality protection for your eyes? By letting us put polarized lenses into your glasses!

What is Polariation?
Polarization diminishes glare, which is light bounced off a reflective surface, such as water or snow. Not only is glare annoying, it can diminish you vision, cause headaches and promote watery eyes.

How Does it Work?
A polarized lens eliminates glare through a filter, a very thin film that is sandwiched between two layers of lens material. This film, in effect, neutralizes the glare thrown off of reflective surfaces. It does this by being placed at an angle of 90 degrees from the angle of the glare. Since the glare is generally a horizontal effect, by placing the polarization vertically in the lense, glare is neutralized.
Polarized Lenses
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How can you wear just one pair of glasses out in the harsh sunlight, in a dark movie theatre, shopping in the store and everywhere in between?  By wearing Light Adjusting lenses.   Photochromatic lenses darken with the sunlight, turning into sunglasses outdoors and becoming clear at night and indoors.
Light Adjusting Lenses
Rec Specs sporting gear is the leader in protecting your eyes while you enjoy the sports you love. 

According to a 2001 report by Prevent Blindness of America, there are approximately over 38,000 sports-related eye injuries requiring costly emergency room care.

This number could potentially skyrocket when you consider the treatment of eye injuries in a private practitioners office. Under most circumstances, at least 90% of sports-related eye injuries are preventable with the proper use of protective sports eyewear.

Rec Specs protect your eyes by being constructed from Poly carbonate UV 400 lenses, which are impact resistant as well as being fitted to the curve of your face.