2 Pair Deals

Yes, it's true!
You can really get TWO pairs of quality fashionable glasses for one low price.
Why?  Because we want you to enjoy your eyewear.  We want your wardrobe to include fashionable choices.  And because we can tint one pair for just $25, you can now afford to have prescription sunglasses as well.
How?  Because we have our own State-of-the-Art laboratory, we are able to grind our own lenses.  We eliminate the middle man, and pass the savings on to you.  Not only are our glasses more affordable, but our quality is unsurpassed.  We use the finest lenses and materials, and each and every pair is made and inspected by us.
All prices include high quality frames and lenses.
All of our lenses have a scratch guard coating.
We provide cases for every pair of glasses we dispense. 
Super thin lenses
If you have a higher Rx, let us make you fabulous glasses with super thin frames!
2 Pairs Single Vision Glasses - $100
2 Pairs no-line Bifocal - $250
2 Pairs High Index Glasses 
(for higher RXs) $200
There's no Trick to our prices!
(But there IS a little magic!)
Now you can enjoy multiple pairs of glasses.
2 pairs for just $200!
And all of our deals include frames, lenses, scratch guard and cases.